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Date                             NOTE:  All Dates are “By… e.g. by 8-1-09”
8-1-09                           Examine Biology Core Content Tools  - choose and modify
Explore IRB Process
Campus contacts -  OIR CETL Math faculty
Submit   IRB        with outline and Pre-Assessment questions
Explore clicker options
Complete online training for Institutional Review (NIH on 7-28)
Contact  OIResearch;  (no response yet 7-29)
CETL- Nan Peck; (yes -helpful)
colleague in Anatomy and Physiology (maybe)
8-16-09                         Complete study design
Develop guides for Online discussions
Prepare  Consent form
Second  IRB Submission  with Comprehensive Design Details
8-24-09                         Give students consent form
                                     Conduct pre-class assessment of Core Biology knowledge
                                     Design  Framework for online discussion groups
                                     Bloom questions  for first Exam
8-25-09                           prepare groups
8-31-09                          check Online discussions;  modify instructions
9-1-09                            Wiki  IRB update
9-15-09                          Critical Friend  contact
10-1-09                          Wiki update:  what’s working what’s not
11-15-09                        Conference Call with Team /scholars and facilitators
12-7-09                          Assign Final Reflection   … word cloud generator…
12-15-09                        Team contact  Overview of how study progressed
     Begin coding Final Reflections
12-16-09                        Post Class Assessment : Final Exam Date
1-31-10                          Conference Call with Team /scholars and facilitators       
                                      Draft Abstract to Team
2-15-10                          AMS CUE Abstract due
3-12-10                          Early registration deadline and travel grant deadline
5-1-09                            Poster review
5-20-10 to 5-23-10           AMS CUE


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