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A total of 25 students completed identical pre and post course surveys composed of 12 multiple choice questions and a 4 short answer questions. The twleve multiple choice questions were scored using a paired-samples t-test that showed a significant difference betwen the pre-course and post course means ( t(24) =18.575, p< 0.001). The pretest mean was 2.60, with a standard deviation of 1.35; the posttest mean was 9.44, with a standard deviation of 1.47.

The post test multiple choice showed additional characteristics detailed below.

1. The majority of responses for nearly all questions were correct (low = 44%, high = 100%).

2. Most problems occurred with the terms scaffolding (44% correct) c-ras ( 60% correct) and SOS (64% correct), which were not mentioned often or used in problem solving exercises after their initial introduction.

3. The number of questions with to which some students gave no answer decreased to 4 questions while on the on the pretest all questions had "no response".

3. All students now know what MAPK is, that a perturbation in cell signalling may be associated with disease and Raf starts the knase cascade.

4. Results were consistent with pretest answers on the definition of homeostasis and amplification, they knew this coming into the course.

5. Students had a better idea of the role of cell receptor  or second messenger, (both 20 out of 25 correct), cross talk (19 omitted this on the pretest) and now 24 answered it correctly, and 17 recalled Grb correctly compared to only 3 attempting to answer it on the pretest.

The analysis of the short answers is in progress.

1. Analogies preferred on the pretest, were varied, while on the posttest, they reflected a notion of the network-like nature of cell signaling.

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