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1. Teaching responsibilities in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh have included courses listed in the following table:

Course Name Level    Frequency    Number of students    Types of students
Honors Foundations of Biology 1 & 2   
Freshman     Fall/Spring    24     Diverse &
Foundations of Biology 1 & 2    Freshmen    Fall/Spring     500/year   Diverse & biomajors
Introduction to Teaching Biology    Sophomores, juniors & seniors    Spring        6 Biology majors with teaching interest
Writing in the Biological Sciences    Senior     Fall/Spring      30-50/year     Biology
Understanding issues behind biology    Over 55 yrs of age    Summer 20    Lifelong learning program
Human Biology    Over 55 yrs of age    Spring 25 Lifelong learning program


2. Personal and/or professional goals

    My professional development goals focus on improving student comfort with communication skills to express their biological knowledge, strategies to make learning biological processes memorable and a personal goal to better understand the learning process to facilitate student’s acquisition of knowledge. 

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