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Teaching Philosophy

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As a teacher, I value students as “whole persons”.  I believe that a teacher is responsible for developing a student into an individual with a balance of critical thinking skills, interpersonal skills, as well as practical skills, and the ability to relate these skill-sets to the society and the environment at large.  I am a strong believer that research and teaching are complementary.  I aim to help students experience the world of science through an approach that is more than the world of textbooks and inert facts. I want to support them towards becoming reflective thinkers and learners; team players; effective communicators (technically and interpersonally); and persons who appreciate diverse subject matter.

To be an effective teacher I believe it is vital on one hand, to have a solid understanding of the subject being taught, as well as staying current in one’s chosen field.  This mean one must continue to engage in research and participate in conferences and workshops.  On the other, it is important for the teacher to keep abreast of developments in new pedagogical methods in the teaching of microbiology. A teacher must also be able to recognize diversity in the classroom, and that not all students have the same level of preparation, maturity, and skill set.  Being aware of what students know when they come into the classroom and able to tap into that knowledge and build on it is thus critical.  

Change is almost a constant in the modern workplace and, to this end, flexibility is of primary important in a dynamic and evolving environment. Excellence in education means more than simply feeding students information. Being an effective teacher is a challenge, but a teacher, who looks upon teaching as a passionate task and a responsibility, will also find rewards that are well worth the effort. 

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