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Teaching Responsibilities:

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Current teaching responsibilities for the academic year 


Course                        Level               # of students               Type of students 

BIOL 210                   2nd                                          80                    Microbiology major 

(Introductory Microbiology I and lab component) 

BIOL 220                   2nd                                          70                    Microbiology major 

(Introductory Microbiology II and lab component) 

BIOL 411                   4th                                12                    Microbiology major 

(Advanced Microbiology Techniques) 

BIOL 449                   4th                                           25                    Microbiology major 

(Special Topics in Biology: Industrial Microbiology and Bioremediation, alternately offered) 

BIOL 448                   4th                                up to 2            Microbiology major 

(Directed Study in Biology) 

BIOL 499                   4th                                up to 2            Microbiology major 

(Honours Thesis in Biological Sciences) 


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