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I have data of two types on my group exam project.  One set comes from the student evaluations in the fall introductory biology course I taught, and reflects student attitudes about the group exam experience they had.  The responses are not linked to specific students in any way, so I can't match their responses to grades earned (unfortunately!), but I can match their responses to the grade they thought they would earn, since that question is part of the evaluation.  The evaluation data is what I used for the abstract I submitted to ASMCUE and posted to our wiki, and which was accepted for presention at our meeting this May. 

The second type of data is from the came class,  and is how the students performed on the individual and group exams throughout the semester, and on the comprehensive final.  This is a lot of data and I have had only a little time to start analysis.  I plan to spend my spring break coming up working on the exam data and seeing what comes out of that. 

I hope to have one more type of data collected, and that is a follow-up with those same students that measures their memory of concepts and material several months after the course ended.  My plan is to develop the questions to be asked so that they reflect topics that were covered on both individual and group exams, topics that were only covered on individual exams, and topics that were covered only on the group exams.  I have to develop this instrument (another spring break task!), and then plan how to administer it and how to attract students to come and take the "survey".   That's where I am right now.

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