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  1. 1. I. Teaching responsibilities.

I. Teaching responsibilities.

Course name                                            Level                        # students                student type

Symbiosis (Biol. 475)                                Junior/senior                 8 - 16                       Biology major
Recombinant DNA Technology(Biol. 226)  Sophomore to senior    16                            Biology major
Inquiry into Life (Biol 181)                        Freshman                        40                          Biology major
Plant Diversity (Biol 204)                            Sophomore to senior    10 - 20                    Biology major
Plant Metabolism (Biol 323)                        Sophomore to senior    10-20                      Biology major
First Year Seminar (FY-184)                        Freshman                       15                          non-major
Plants and People (Bio 107)                        all levels                        60                           non-major

II.  Professional Development Goals

My professional teaching development goals are 1) to know that the methods I use work either because I’ve tested them, or someone else has, 2) to learn how to best test the techniques I use to demonstrate their effectiveness,  and 3) to share what I’ve learned about what works with others so they can make use of them in their own teaching.  For the purposes of the Biology Scholars program,  I would like to test the group exam technique to determine if it improves retention and/or conceptual understanding.

I’m excited about the idea of testing how well a teaching strategy works because, well, I’m a scientist!  That’s what convinces scientists that something is real, and is what it will take to bring on board our colleagues who are content with the status quo.  We can improve the teaching of science only if we can persuade those who teach it to adopt effective, tested techniques. 

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