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Research Scholars

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Scholars: Kathleen Archer, James Bader, Janet Branchaw, Naowarat Cheeptham, Karen Curto, Jonathan Davis, Lianna Etchberger, Ronald Gerrits, Trudy Gillevet, Brinda Govindan, Wendy Heck Grillo, Caron Inouye, Lisa Johansen, Jodie Krontiris-Litowitz, Mary Mawn, Kristina Obom, Iglika Pavlova, Julie Reynolds, Miriam Segura-Totten, Conrad Toepfer, and Jacqueline Washington 

Scholar Research:



Scholar  Research Question

Kathleen Archer  


Do group exams improve retention of knowledge?

 James Bader


Does participating in cooperative learning increase student performance and metacognition?

 Janet Branchaw


Does requiring students to write out their thinking processes and problem solving strategies help them improve their problem solving abilities?


Does sharing their written thinking processes and problem solving strategies with their peers help them improve their problem solving abilities?


Naowarat Cheeptham


How do educational field trips impact students?


Karen Curto


Cell Signaling as Network


Jonathan Davis


How well do my students learn how to:

1) create hypotheses,

2) test hypotheses, and

3) use tested hypotheses to speculate on the implications and applications of knowledge gained?


Lianna Etchberger


In my introductory biology course (~15 students):
  • Does improvement in HOCS clicker questions correlate with improvement of HOCS exam questions?
  • Does metacognition of Bloom’s levels influence student attitudes toward biology or learning?


Ronald Gerrits


What percentage of students found the handouts helpful?

 What were the specific reasons why students found them helpful?

 Did learning style affect a student’s attitude about the handouts?

Were they reported as helpful when provided?

Trudy Gillevet


Does placing students with different learning skills into teams improve students' knowledge of core content?

Brinda Govindan



Does more frequent assessment promote student learning outcomes?

Does it increase the mean exam scores for the class as a whole?

Does it decrease the number of failures?

Does this intervention narrow the "gap" in performance between high-risk and low-risk students?


Wendy Heck Grillo


The use of daily quizzes in an introductory general biology course for majors:

 Will implementing daily quizzes motivate my students to study on a continual basis? 
Will implementing daily quizzes increase class performance? 



Caron Inouye


Being cognizant of cognitive load: less is more approach in the physiology lab
  •  Does the reduction of cognitive load influence student learning & attitude in lab?


Lisa Johansen


Does guided practice (trining the students to use a rubric based on Bloom's taxonomy) improve the students' ability to communicate their analysis of new data sets at a higher level (based on Bloom's)? 

Jodie Krontiris-Litowitz


Engaging First Year Biology Majors In/With The Literature
  • Will teaching students in Principles of Biology to use the literature influence how effectively upperclassman can use the literature to write about science and gain scientific knowledge?                                                                                  
  • Can I teach students in Principles of Biology to use the literature in a way that prepares them to use the literature to write about science and gain scientific knowledge?.




Mary Mawn


Promoting Online Students’ Understanding of Scientific Process
Can the review of primary literature in an online genetics course promote student understanding of how scientific information is acquired and interpreted?

Kristina Obom


Introduction of problem based learning (PBL) into a blended BioDefense Lab Methods course:

Is PBL as effective as traditional online delivery for meeting unit learning objectives?
What are student ‘s perceptions of learning through PBL?

Iglika Pavlova


Does the tool "scales of evidence and belief" increase scientific thinking? 

Julie Reynolds


Thesis Assessment Protocol for Biology...and beyond
What can we do to improve the quality of undergraduate theses?
How can we increase participation rates in URE without decreasing quality?

Miriam Segura-Totten


Can a research-intensive, inquiry based course promote synthesis and evaluation skills in students?

Conrad Toepfer 


Will an open-ended, learner-centered approach to a content-laden course improve student learning and retention of content? 

Jacqueline Washington


Does the use of clickers increase motivation to learn in a small non-majors science course?


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