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What is SoTL? Help define this for the Biology Scholars Homepage

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As pointed out, SoTL is not defined at the Biology Scholars Home page.  However, many of you were curious about this when viewing the site. 

Use the space below to define SoTL.  We will use your words to define SoTL at the Biology Scholars homepage.  Start now... many thanks, Amy


Mary Pat Wenderoth

The systematic process of inquiry into determining  pedagogical practices that help students develop deep understanding of our discipline.  SoTL is the empirical basis for evidence-based teaching.

Researching while teaching.

Marion Lieberman in her book Education as a Profession states, “Any vocation or work to be considered a profession should involve the intellectual technique more than vocational skills. Intellectual technique in turn involves identifying problems, collecting data and attaining results based on the data." ( Englewood Cliffs,NJ: Prentice Hall, 1963)

It would seem that inorder to move teaching from a vocation to a professionsl status, one would have to engage in the scholarship of teaching and learning.

"Without a scientific knowledge base, teaching cannot claim and hold professional status, especially if our techniques are useless or obsolete.  Furthermore, no discipline can defend itself effectively against skepticism unless its procedures are based on scientific proof established by experimental research."  Stephen E. DiCarlo 2002

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