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ASM-CUE Colorado 2009

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Scholars.  ( just add your info to this wiki page)

Who is going to Colorado in May? 

Who is presenting a poster?

Travel plans:

Mary Pat: I will be arriving - Denver- some time  early morning Thursday.  Was thinking that instead of paying a shuttle service and waiting and waiting, maybe a group of us could rent a car.  Looks to me as if only thing on Thursday is dinner at 5--Yes?

Mary Pat: tentative plans- arrive Denver Thursday 1 ish - leave Ft. Collins at noon on Sunday to return to Denver airport


Teri Balser - Will be arriving Wed May 27. Leaving week and a half later. I am vacationing in CO except for the conference. I am presenting a poster, yes. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

NOTE: I have us as having a "capstone meeting" at noon (or is it 1pm?) on Thursday with the biology scholars group. True? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? 


Holly Ahern - I'm arriving in Denver at 12:55pm - timing is at least consistent with Mary Pat and Min-Ken, so maybe we can travel from Denver to Ft. Collins together? Couldn't get anything out of Albany to arrive any earlier, so late will I be to the capstone! Flight home leaves at 10:45am so will probably check out and head right to the airport. Any of this match up with anyone??


Mangala Tawde - Planning to arrive Thurs May 28, leaving on Sunday afternoon for Denver airport to return to NY. I am not presenting poster, but would love to look at others'. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Anyone knows what time is the capstone meeting that we are supposed to attend?


Min-Ken Liao -- I will arrive at Denver at 12:15 PM on Thursday, May 28.  I can't make it to the capstone meeting at noon, because there are no reasonable flights available.  My flight back will leave Denver at 2:35 PM on Sunday, May 31.  My travel schedule seems reasonable now but I don't know if there will be any changes.  I had to reschedule my trip back from ASM General Meeting two weeks ago because one of the flights was cancelled.  Now it will take about 7 hours to fly from Philadelphia to Greenville (a 1.5-hour direct flight was in operation six months ago.)  I am keeping my fingers crossed for my ASMCUE trip.  I am presenting a poster.


Trish Baynham:  My flight arrives in Denver on May 28th at 8:25 am.  My return flight is on Sunday and leaves Denver at 6:50 pm.  I am presenting a poster.



Anne-Marie Hoskinson: Looks like I get in to Denver at 10:12 am on Thursday (5/28), and depart Sunday at 4:40 pm. I have an email from Jessica in January that has our capstone workshop occurring from 1-5 pm Thursday afternoon. I have a poster and a micro-brew.

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