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Part 2- Bloom's

If there is a postive correlation ( between metacognition and GPA, grade in prerequisitive course), can I use Bloom's taxonomy of learning to improve student's metacognition?

1. Assess student's familiarity with Bloom's:

fist day of class- Ask student's about their level of familiarity with Bloom's Taxonomy.  If they know of it, describe how they use this knowledge of Bloom's in relation to their studying habits.

2. Show that students understand and know how to use Bloom's.

After introducing students to Bloom's on second day of class, ask students to categorize a list of old exam questions according to Bloom's. [pre-test]

*exam questions must have an equal number of questions from each level of Bloom's and must be in random order.

Repeat this test on the last day of class [post-test]

analysis: compare pre to post-learning gain on Bloom's  & correlate to changes in metacognition gains

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