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3. Evidence I need to collect

Is there a correlation between student's metacognitive skill and exam performance in physiology?
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1. Use Schraw's  52-item inventory of metacognitive awareness to determine metacognitive level of students AS THEY ENTER CLASS.   (Schraw 1994).  [This will be my pre-test]

Ask students to self-report current GPA, grade in prerequisite course (or ask registrar).

Analysis: Is there a correlation?


2. One day after each exam or on day of final, I will ask students to predict how they did on the exam.

scale to use:  Very well, pretty good, okay, poorly, bombed

may need to ask students how they did on exam BOTH on day of exam and one day after- 

[ this will allow me to see how well students can predict their performance on my exams-one measure of metacognition]

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