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4. Design to collect data

 day 1- on-line after class

administer Schraw's metacognition survey

collect demographic information ( GPA, grade in prereq, etc)

survey student's familiarity with Bloom's

day 2- teach Bloom's

    HW- categorize 24 old exam questions according to Bloom's [pre-test]

teach physiology-

- during class I will ask students to "Bloom" all the questions asked in class.

    this will give students practice in recognizing Bloom's level

Exam 1-- students complete exam

    at end of exam they predict their preformance

    next day-- predict performance again ( 24 hrs post exam)

return exam - & attach B-ATP ( Bloom's score at each level of learning)

direct student to BLASt on-line

teach Physiology

continue to ask questions in class and  have students Bloom each

Exam 2-

repeat as above 

teach Physiology

continue to ask questions in class and  have students Bloom each

Just before Final

Recategorize the exam questions ( same or new?) accoriding to Bloom's [evidence that they have learned the Bloom's skill] 

Have students retake the Metacognition inventory survey [post-test] 

Write a reflective page on how your study habits have changed this quarter. [I code this]

Final Exam

repeat as above 

ANALYSIS of data

metacognitive score PRE vs. GPA

metacognitive score PRE vs. grade in prereq course

compare predicted exam score immediate to 24hr post to actual exam score

    correlate to metacognitive score PRE

    look at how predicted vs actual grade changes over quarter ( does gap narrow)

compare  ability to categorize exam questions according to Bloom's over quarter

determine metacognition gain

    compare to ability to Bloom exam questions

    compare to changes in exam scores over quarter.

       [may need to normalize their exam score to median grade== a Z score]

Code reflective papers on changes to study skills

    - degree of change

    -mention of BLASt

    -use of study groups

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