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8. Presentation at SoTL July 18,2008

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Students who do poorly on exams are often surprised by their exam performance as they thought they were well prepared.  

students who do poorly on first exam usually do poorly on all exams

This group of students (low-middle of class) have not accurately predicted their level of understanding.

Their study skills are not providng accruate feedback information to allow them to modify their learning ( error monitoring and correction).

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I think you have a tight question and are going to be rolling in data at the end of your course(s)! I am looking forward to hearing the results next year and am already thinking about applications into my courses.

On the "How did you do on the test" survey, I have found students who think they did poorly, usually did well, but fixate on the two questions they really didn't know. Students who don't know the topic don't realize what they don't know and anticipate a higher score.

I like Spencer's idea to have the students create Bloom's questions -- like you added, on a study guide.
Posted 14:38, 18 Jul 2008
I wish you luck in your project! I will look forward to working with you!!
Posted 14:38, 18 Jul 2008
How much will vocabulary influence your student's ability. As you know many presentations of Bloom's match the list of Bloom's level with a list of verbs that demonstrate that level e.g. "compare and contrast", "judge", etc. How are you going to use vocabulary to your advantage? or at least not an impediment. Will your vocabulary be consistent with these external definitions of Bloom "verb"?
Posted 14:40, 18 Jul 2008
I would strongly suggest that you define your "metacognition" so that people value the "novelty" of your research instead of thinking this is already studied.

You can ask them return the exam with an "expected grade"

Posted 14:41, 18 Jul 2008
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