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Intro biochemistry for Biology majors (1 semester) or biochem majors (2 semesters)- have different prereqs.
Logic issues-- the spanish majors did better than the science majors in 1 semester class
Q: what is the relevant importance of 1. prior discipline knowledge and 2. competence in logic problems? Assay student's understanding of structure function interaction in Biochem.
You will place students in your 3 x 3 table.
correlate their position in the 3X3 chart with their prior knowledge

Very nice to triangulate data--
definitely make friends with a statistician.

Posted 14:13, 18 Jul 2008
You have a very interesting project. I think the quality of your assessment tools is really important, so that you can be sure you can accurately measure a student's ability to understand structure-function relationships.
Posted 14:15, 18 Jul 2008
Are your non-science majors better equipped because of the non-science courses they took or because they are the type of people who would brave a biochemistry class as a Spanish major?

You plan on assessing using "explain" -- what about analysis and interpretation? Can you find some sources to measure these skills?

Great non-science logic tests! Can you add some science logic tests throughout the class that are similar, but topic-related? Might include some in the pretest to see if the "scientific" nature turns off some students' logic skills.

You said the pre-reqs were selected for political reasons -- I'd wait on "advising for the pre-reqs" (or changes in them) until after tenure ;)
Posted 14:17, 18 Jul 2008
focus your efforts on development of logic- doing the informal logic problems, correlate performance with the science skills,
then give them practice doing everyday logic - assay to see if this practice does improve their informal logic skills.
then see if their science skills also improve.
Posted 08:46, 19 Jul 2008
do a pre and post test of the informal logic skills- just to show how being in the class or being a semester older changes informal logic skill.
Posted 08:53, 19 Jul 2008
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