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Explanations of Terminology

  • Misconceptions - "Misconceptions" is a term some educational researchers love and others hate.  Basically, I define misconceptions as a students' partial or entirely incorrect understanding of a concept as formed by prior experience.  In order to be classified as a misconception, students must have confidence in their incomplete or wrong knowledge instead of "not knowing" or never learning the material.  Misconceptions are also called "alternative conceptions", "prior knowledge", "preconceptions", or "conceptual errors".  Alternative conceptions is especially preferred in by educational researchers because it does not imply error on the part of the student.  I prefer misconceptions because it communicates the nature of my research to a larger audience.  In publications, however, I may end up using "alternative conceptions."
  • Molecular genetics - Molecular genetics is a branch of genetics dealing specifically with the mechanics of information storage and protein synthesis in living systems.  In this project I will start by focusing on the relationship between "genes", "genomes", "chromosomes" and "DNA".  Molecular genetics also includes the production of proteins by genes and the processes, regulation and interactions involved.  I am going to hold off on that aspect of molecular genetics for now.
  • Non-science majors - Students who are not majoring in Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Biochemistry, Physics or Engineering.


Do you see terminology I use that you would like defined further?  Please let me know by leaving a comment on my main page!


Examples of Student Work

None at this time.  See Previous Research for examples from our Pilot Study.

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