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73 kB16:08, 18 Jul 2008lkluckhohnjonesActions
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I have used the SOLO taxonomy to describe learning outcomes and the full data set for the exams that I assessed in 2004 - 2006 to determine if a change in the class learning activities affected learning achievement is in a spreadsheet attached to my SoTL institute presentation.

SOLO taxonomy is described in Biggs, J., 2002. Teaching for Quality Learning at University.
cheers Chris.
Posted 09:11, 19 Jul 2008
I think using Blooms levels gives you an important dimension that builds well upon previous work.
Describe your online environment carefully.
Have someone else also code your exams so you feel confident that you have the right level for each question
Posted 09:14, 19 Jul 2008
How will you choose your taxonomy? Will your online learning format somehow drive your choice of taxonomy coding? Perhaps you might think about comparing results among learning formats using ≥2 taxonomies...
Posted 09:15, 19 Jul 2008 Fall to Spring! to see what difference between students is
2.score exam questions by Bloom's but condense to 3 categories.
3.need to describe your type of on-line learning- and compare it to other forms of on-line learning out there. your objectives and determine the best learning taxonomy
5. need to have one or two other people score the questions with Bloom's or --
Posted 09:15, 19 Jul 2008
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