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18 July 2008 presentation
44.5 kB16:16, 18 Jul 2008skerryActions
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Sam, Your project is very well focused and exciting. I wonder whether asking them to complete so many pre and post test influences their ability to learn the content. Could you use the pre and post test scenario on a unit that you don't use the role-play? Just a thought. Oh, I also think that adding questions about what they are thinking when answering the questions is a brilliant idea!
Posted 07:43, 19 Jul 2008
I am worried about "leading" them with the pre-and post-tests. The students are definitely in tune with certain aspects of the roleplay after taking the pre-test. (This is purely anecdotal on my part, but seems to be a logical conclusion). I'll need to think about this more to see how I might control for it (or simply accept it as a flaw in the research design).
Posted 09:48, 20 Aug 2008
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