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I developed and taught a course in mathematical models in biology for biology majors. I designed the course to fulfill content goals and collaborative skill-building goals. My projects focus on:

1.    Describing the course – its structure, process, and some outcomes – for colleagues
2.    Exploring long-term learning retention (four semesters).
3.    Beginning to explore the instructional practices and tools that best promote collaborative skill development.

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Anne-Marie, Here are my comments about your SoTL presentation. I think the strength of your project is the richness of techniques you are capable of investigating. I am concerned about the "packaging" of your work so that it has broad appeal to educators who don't teach a mathematical modeling class. The way cool thing about your project is the impact of collaborative skills has on your students. Let's talk about ways of getting long-term retention data from students!
Posted 07:39, 19 Jul 2008
Hi Anne-Marie,
Your project sounds very interesting to me. I like the potential to describe the process that you went through to develop collaborative skills in your students. I also like the potential to show that collaborative learning is per se more effective than independent or cooperative learning. So I could be interested in your paper as a model of how to document an iterative process of teaching and learning development - this would show me how you thought during the process and why you made the decisions that you did. I also do group work and am grappling with how to help students work effectively at cooperative and collaborative levels. Your paper would provide a model for someone like me. I also would like to see evidence that collaborative learning is more effective than independent learning.
cheers Chris
Posted 11:25, 19 Jul 2008
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