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Data Collection

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In April, I set up an assessment at the SALG site (Student Assessment of Learning Gains, You can find a complete copy of my questionnaire under Appendices. Unlike many student evaluations, the questions are based on what students have learned in your classes. Professors can customize the questions to pull out exactly what we're interested in knowing. Students answer the questions based on a Likert scale (1 = no help to learning at all, 5 = very much help to learning).


I sent out blanket emails to all ~180 students who had completed my class over four semesters, Fall 2006 - Spring 2008. Over three weeks, I got almost 50% response - especially since many of the Fall 2006/Spring 2007 students took the course as seniors and had graduated. SALG migrated to a different assessment structure in Fall 2008, so I downloaded the data in spreadsheet form.


To analyze the data, I took a mean and standard deviation, by semester and overall, of all provided responses.

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