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Carmichael, Jeff

Associate Professor of Biology

University of North Dakota

Ph.D. in Plant Biology, 1995, University of Georgia 


I have been teaching for about 12 years and spend most of my time with the introductory biology program. I teach most of the sections of our general bio classes and coordinate the labs. Each class typically enrolls 200 students (many of which are pre-meds). My background is in plant biology so I also teach an upper level course in plant form and function. I will also teach our senior-capstone course starting this fall.



What is the focus of your investigation?
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  Post a short abstract (100-200 words) of project.  Link to <Context, problem> page for more detailed information. 

What resources/references have you found helpful?
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  Post your most valuable resource thus far.  Link to <Bibliography> page for more detailed bibliography.  Include on the <Bibliography> page your pre-institute annotated bibliography assignment.

What is your approach and/or what evidence will you gather?
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  Post a synopsis of the methodology you will undertake.  Link to <Findings, Methods> page for more detailed information.  Also use this page to start documenting the results that have emerged.  You will have an assignment due in October which requires you to discuss methodology and results more thoroughly.

What results have emerged ?
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 Post a thought or two about the results you see thus far.  Link to <Discussion> page for more detailed analysis and thoughts.

What information may be found in your Appendices?
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  Do you have examples of student work, links to projects, explanations of jargon particular to your project?







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