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  It appears that students were positively influenced by meeting the scientists and that ethnicity was important in allowing students to relate with these people.  For males gender also appeared important.  I thought that gender would just as if not more important to the female students.  The number of students each semester that were able to complete both surveys was 22 and this is not a large number and so the data are not completely convincing.  Additionally, it may have been helpful to ask students in the first cohort why they answered the survey question regarding their interest in a research career the way that they did.

This was a challenging project in that some scientists had to reschedule their visits sometimes more than once.  Additionally, it was challenging to cover the usual material in the same depth when so much class time was used for speakers.  Numerous students indicated to me that the speakers had been very helpful to them in determining what life after college would hold for them.  I also was very much inspired by hearing everyone's stories.

The Chemistry Department at SEU has now instituted a seminar series in which speakers from off campus address students on Friday afternoons twice a month (when there are no classes).  Some of the scientists focus on research while others talk about how they became interested in science.  I have suggested that they include scientists of both genders and diverse ethnicities.  Students in chemistry classes are given extra credit for attendance.  This may positively influence these students to pursue research and will not have any impact on class time.

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