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Biology Scholars Institute Presentation
104 kB16:03, 18 Jul 2008hahernActions
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I have found that my students that perform poorly on traditional exams were able to excel when I designed assessment strategies around other learning styles and ways of being creative. For example - in a take-home exam with free-response questions that tested student comprehension of concepts my 'bad' students outperformed my 'A' students. My 'stars' are often very uncomfortable with open ended questions that have no 'right answer'.

Posted 14:35, 18 Jul 2008
Will you compare the metabolism exam from before the lab project was introduced to those after? Nice project!
Posted 14:37, 18 Jul 2008
Hi Holly,
I have done virtually the identical change in my general microbiology class. I would like very much to spend some time talking to you to compare notes. I have not thought about the change that I made as much as you obviously have and I would benefit very much from hearing more detail of what you have done and how and what you will evaluate. Could we collaborate on a study?

It is a real pleasure to hear some one talking about exactly the same thing as I have!!!
cheers Chris
Posted 14:44, 18 Jul 2008
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