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Chris and Holly Project

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We are both in the process of changing our laboratory course in General Microbiology units from a cookbook style sequence of practical classes designed to teach bacteriological laboratory skills over to a project. Coincidentally, we have both chosen the same type of project for beginning microbiology students. The project calls for students to gather samples and then to culture bacteria, isolate them and identify them. This page shows what we are doing and how we are evaluating our T&L change.


This will actually be my third semester using the Environmental Isolate Project in Microbiology Lab. I developed it as an inquiry-based approach to learning lab skills, and then realized its potential as a tool to reinforce student understanding of difficult lecture topics, particularly metabolism. My current research will include an evaluation of its value for that purpose. 


All comments and inputs will be gratefully received.


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GM_UO_08 = the unit outline which describes the unit and is given to students at the beginning of the semester (PS in my terminology a unit is a subject taken by a student over 1 semester.)

Microbiology_Project_Manual_08 = the laboratory manual that describes the project that the students do. They would also get a Methods Manual which would describe step-by-step all the procedures that they have to learn.


Appendix A = an overview of the Environmental Isolate Project as implemented in my course.

Environmental Isolate Assignment = the components of the project that students hand in for evaluation.



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Hi Holly,
It was great to meet you and find out that you doing virtually the same sort of thing as me. This definitely was a good reason for me to come around the world to the workshop! The next thing that I will do is upload a description of my thoughts about what I am doing and why. I hope that this will happen next week if I get some access to the www. Otherwise it probably won't happen for another couple of weeks as I think there is a fair chance I will be busy in Tassie when I first return.
cheers Chris
Posted 12:35, 19 Jul 2008
Hi Chris,
I have FINALLY uploaded the overview of my "project" and the assignment that goes along with it. The institute was fantastic, and I'm so glad that we sorted into the same presentation group to facilitate this collaboration!

I assess the project using a "rubric" to address several teaching and learning concerns - not the least of which is the idea of "multiple intelligences" and the use of alternative assessments. If you are interested in seeing the rubric let me know.
Take care. Holly
Posted 06:57, 6 Aug 2008
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