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What do you feel is your most significant achievement with regards to the 2008 -2009 project?


Holly Ahern

This year's journey has been an amazing (and sometimes overwhelming) experience. The data gathered on day one changed the focus of my research completely, and I am currently in the throws of writing and submitting a CCLI grant to further study and address the issues of student preparation (or lack of) for upper level biology courses. Writing and submitting an abstract of those preliminary results, and also having the abstract selected for presentation at AMSCUE was a very significant achievement. 



Teri Balser




Daron Barnard

I view my main achievement to be focusing my question and starting on the data collection in a systematic way that could lead to publication.  Previously, I had been collecting data to improve the learning experience of my students without an overriding focus that could help direct my study.  I also had been proceeding in a way that could only inform my own teaching, and not lead to publication (no HSRB approval).  During the past year I feel that I have made real inroads to changing the direction to be a more scholarly approach.


Patricia Baynham

 In fall 2008  was able to host the seven scientist in my classroom and (although with a small student sample size) show that this positively impacted student career attitudes.  In January I made an on-campus presentation of these data to my colleagues and sparked the creation of a SoTL working group on campus.  While support for SoTL among administrators and faculty is not yet established at least the conversation has begun.


Christopher Burke

It is yet to come. Not so much my project as this has been around for awhile, but rather being involved in the BSP was a highlight. However, hell or high water I intend to get a paper submitted by the year’s end or die in the attempt!! Even if it doesn’t go to the editor until Christmas eve, it’ll feel like a victory.

Jeff Carmichael

 Beginning a manuscript that will take a look at effectiveness (and "lessons learned") of team-based learning over a three-year period.



David Dunbar


 The most significant achievement with regards to my project as of date is that we recently resented our assessment work at the 2009 North Carolina State Undergraduate Assessment Symposium. The title of our workshop was " Assessing Interdisciplinary, Community-based Research Outcomes for Course Development, Implementation and Improvement" The workshop was well received and our student focus group datat that we acquired after the Scholars Conference this past summer certainly improved our presentation at this conference.




Anne-Marie Hoskinson

 I finished a manuscript, had my poster abstract accepted for ASMcue, had my Micro-Brew idea accepted for presentation, and got a presidential teaching fellowship to work on inquiry-based teaching. In more abstract terms, I gained confidence that I could do productive things in SoTL.



Carol Hurney

 Even though I was unable to attend the Writing Residency in January, the work I did to prepare for that experience is significant.  I wrote a draft of the introduction, spoke with my writing mentor about my results section, and developed a plan to analyze my TWO data sets.  That is the other noteworthy acheivement, I taught the course again in the Spring semester, collected another set of survey data and grade info, which will undoubtedly strengthen my manuscript.



Samantha Kerry

 The whole experience was amazing and I've grown so much as an educational researcher through Biology Scholars. I'm still new to the field, but I have a better basis than I did before.  I wrote a rough draft of my role-play for submission, and presented the exercise at ASMCUE. Those were my biggest accomplishments of the year.



Lucy Kluckhohn-Jones

Determination. No achievements of note yet, but I’m determined to complete the project and learn a lot more about academic research than I know now.  I echo your sentiments, Chris.




Maureen Knabb

Presentions at the FASEB conference and 2 posters at the HAPS conference this year.



Jenny Knight

 The manuscript is 95% written and I hope to submit it before the end of the summer.



Min-Ken Liao

Since I knew very little about SoTL, I did not expect to get publishable results from this project.  This is a trial run for me.  And it worked great!  I got to try my idea three different ways, learn how to get an IRB approval, and further familiarize myself with some statistical tests.  I may not have accomplished a lot compared to other Scholars but I have met my own expectations, given the time and energy I have left from teaching and doing research.


Sherri Morris

I developed a collaborative project focused on assessing the core curriculum in our department. This is a major achievement for a number of reasons. It is a project that involves four faculty, spans two courses, and currently evaluates the impacts of our curriculum on freshmen and sophomores. It is also a major achievement because it is a well designed research project and should provide publishable data. The best part is that it is the timing. The project was implemented this fall. Our new curriculum passed senate LAST WEEK. It allows us a single cohort of freshmen and two cohorts of sophomores before full implementation. My involvement in the Scholars program could not have come at a better time! So the accomplishment is having the plan in place, just wish I had more of the data in hand analyzed.


 Jim Smith

I'd say my most significant achievement with respect to my 2008-2009 Biology Scholars project was to figure out how to package it for publication.  We had struggled to include everything into a single paper.  Once we decided to tell the story in two parts, one describing the curricular intervention, the second describing the assessment of student learning, things really moved forward.  My colleague, Kendra Cherulvelil and I have drafted and submitted a manuscript describing the curricular intervention. We also now have assessment data and are in a good position to produce a second manuscript describing the assessment piece. 

Bethany Stone

My most significant achievement from the 2008-2009 Biology Scholars project has to be a tie.  The first achievement is that I was introduced a network of like-minded science educators.  I look forward to drawing on this pool of colleagues in the future for feedback and support and hope they will do the same.  The second achievement was reviving a "dead" research question that had been neglected for 6 years.



Mangala Tawde

 The major achievement in my research so far is only IRB approval! I started the process of IRB application in Fall 08 semester and it went through 2-3 cycles of resubmission. I could only put up the website this semester (Spring 09). This process also made the protocol/methods for my research data conduction much clearer in my mind and  restricted in which methods I could use. Right now I am tracking the use of my website by students throughout the semester and getting ready to analyse the grades and correlation between website use and grade performance.



Didem Vardar-Ulu

Being a part of this program gave me both the opportunity and the guidance I needed to focus many of my ideas about interdisciplinary science education into concrete hypothesis and allowed me to play with them in a systematic way over two semesters. Just like for Min-Ken this was definitely a trial run for me, but I feel that I have successfully figured out many of the important bottlenecks in this kind of researh, the IRB, the surveys, how to frame questions so that other people can also provide data for my research, how to collect data in a way that would provide meaningful and useful outcomes for other people as well as myself.  Therefore, I feel that my main achievement so far has been to use this experience to leverage other opportunities to network and solicit ideas from other faculty across disciplines both within and outside my institution who care about SoTL and to use the confidence and wisdom this support system gave me to advocate scholarly approach to teaching and learning within my department and my institution.  I am still working on what all the data I collected for my research mean. My main immediate goal is to identify the major leads of my fishing expedition and first focusing on turning those into a publication.


Mary Pat Wenderoth

Actually making head way on the project is the biggest accomplishment.  I collected the data, have begun analyzing it, and am planning the next logical extension of the project including writing a paper.

Also I have helped create a Biology Education Research Group (BERG) at the UW.  This group is currently submitting a NSF-CCLI phase I grant to develop and implement a set of classroom activities to help students build stronger foundation in selection thinking, tree thinking, and experiemental design.

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