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Please see the Research Design tab for the survey itself, including links to the knowledge map and concept map presented to the students (links are found in the PDF file of the survey).

The survey included some quantitative data (such as yes/no answers) and some qualitative data (free response). Both sets of data are included as files below.

Because I was interested to determine if learning styles were associated with reported benefit of knowledge maps, I first asked students the open ended question of what was most beneficial to learning in my courses (prior to them knowing that later questions were going to ask specifically about knowledge maps). Twenty out of 31 respondents referred to my knowledge maps handouts as being most beneficial. To see if this was correlated to learnign style, I performed a Chi square analysis with a Wiliam's correction (used to adjust to small sample sizes), which indicated that it was not correlated to learning style.

When asking them specifically about knowledge maps, 100% of students stated that they were helpful to learning.

I also asked students if they had drawn their own since taking one of my classes. Out of 26 respondents, 15 had drawn their own. This was also not correlated with learning style.

I determine learning styles by having students take the online VARK test and then reporting to me their numerical scores in each area. I purchased a scoring spreadsheet from the VARK website that was used to determine each students learning preferences.

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