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1. Pre-Institute Assignments

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1. Introduce yourself to the Assessment listserv: Due April 24th

Email address:
Subject heading: “<Your Name> - Introduction” 

Please answer these questions:

1) Describe your teaching responsibilities and the type of student you teach.

2) Describe what you would like to take home as a result of attending the Assessment Institute.

3) Tell us about your interests outside of the classroom and a book that you have read recently.

*NEW: Read a compilation of Scholar responses to Pre-Assignment 1.


2. Learning Theories & Your Students (3-Part Activity): Due May 22nd

Activity 1 – How Do Students Learn?

Begin your institute experience by exploring books and literature on “ways that students learn” or “student learning theories.” This exercise will help develop a foundation to inform your work on improving the strategies you use to assess student learning.  

1. Find at least three sources that resonate with your teaching philosophy. 

2. When you get to Activity 3, you will post the citations for the sources to the Wiki along with short explanatory paragraphs commenting on why these sources resonated with your teaching philosophy, courses or students.


Activity 2 – Access the Wiki**

1. Navigate to the Biology Scholars Program Wiki, and you should see an orange “login” button at the upper left.  Click this button to login.

2. Your user name and password has already been set as your first initial and full last name (e.g., John Smith would be jsmith, Jane Williams-Smith would be jwilliams-smith). Log in to the Wiki. You should see your username in the upper left corner if you are correctly logged in.  The orange logout button should also be visible.  

3. Using the left-hand navigation tabs, locate the “2015 Scholar Pages” tab under "2015 Assessment Cohort."  Note: You may see another page called “My Page” at the top of your wiki screen.  This “My Page” is NOT visible to anyone but you and SHOULD NOT be used for these assignments.      

4. Click on your Scholar Page under "2015 Assessment Cohort," find the orange header at the top of that page, and select “Edit page.”

5. Add your current CONTACT INFORMATION to this page. Feel free to add links to your professional and/or personal website, a picture of yourself, and any other items that may interest the group (Feel free to play!). Click “Save” at the top of the page.  

**Having trouble? See our Wiki Guide.


Activity 3 – Post Response to "Activity 1 – How Do Students Learn?"

1. Make certain you are logged in, and on your Scholar Page under "2015 Assessment Cohort."


2. In the orange header at the top of the page, select “New page.” This will create a new page UNDER your name.

3. Change the title of the page to read “Learning Theories.”  This is the title that will appear in the hierarchy tabs to the left, under your name.    

4. Under the "Learning Theories" title, list the three sources you found in Activity 1, along with the short explanatory paragraph described above. Click "Save" when finished. 

*NEW: Read a compilation of Scholar responses to Pre-Assignment 2.


3. Pre-Institute Readings: Due On-site
Read the following articles and be prepared to discuss onsite:

Please note that onsite, we will be asking you to focus on a specific course you are teaching. Be thinking about the course you wish to target and note that you are welcome to bring any course materials (syllabus, notes, textbook, etc.) to the institute that you think will help further the discussion.

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