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Learning Theories

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1. Tanner KD, Structure Matters: Twenty-One Teaching Stratgies to Promote Student Engagement and Cultivate Classroom Equity, CBE-Life Science Education, 2013, Vol 12, 322-331.

This artcle resonates with my teaching philosophy because the article describes multiple stratgies that created an active learning environment in the classroom and help engage every student. If a student is engaged in the classroom, the student is bound to learn. 

2. Russell JE, Bridging the Undergraduate Curriculum Using an Integrated Course-Embedded Undergraduate Research Experience (ICURE),  CBE-Life Science Education, 2015, Vol 14, 1-10.

I was interested in this article because it discusses the possibility of integrating a multidisciplionary research project in undergraduate education. I am a firm believer that authentic research based lab truly help undergraduate in developing problem solving, critical thinking and laboratory skills. I have implemented a project based lab (SEA-PHAGES) in freshmen biology lab and a project based lab in upper level cell biology lab. This article has provided me a novel idea of creating a long term project based lab that will integrate multiple disciplines.

3. Tanner KD,  Promoting Student Metacognition, CBE-Life Science Education, 2012, Vol 11, 113-120.

This article is a reflection of students from my classroom. Some students are aware of what they know and what they don't know or are confused about, and some students just memorize content and do not analyze it deeply. As an instructor, my goal is help students become aware of their learning.

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