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Learning Theories

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1. Fink, L.D. & Fink, A.K., eds. 2009 Designing Courses for Significant Learning: Voices of Experience, Issue #119 in Jossey-Bass' New Directions for Teaching and Learning

- After attending a workshop of the same title from Dee Fink I learned about integrated course design and how to redesign my courses in Anatomy and Physiology.  By establishing learning goals, assessment activities and learning activities for each objective I am able to better redesign an AP course that meshes active learnining with lecture and laboratory. 

2.  Bowen, Jose, 2012. Teaching Naked: How moving technology out of your college classroom will improve student learning. 

-I am very interested in improving student learning and information retention in my course and in the past I relied heavily on technology to supplement my lectures and labs. However after attending a seminar at the innovation in teahing and learning conference at George Mason by Professor Bowen, I learned that there is value in my face-to-face interactions with the students.  Dr. Bowen emphasizes that by using technology outside of the classroom, rethinging assignments and course design professors can create more active learning opportunities that spark critical thinking. 

3. Brown, P.C., Roediger, H.L. , 2014 Make it stick: The science of successful learning

-In my courses I require students to learn and memorize a lot of material.  This source explains how learning and memory work through the use of stories by highlighting the principles of learning that are highly effective for information retention. 

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