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Learning Theories

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This is a site dedicated to metacognition as the title implies.  There are resources for develping metcognitive practices for the student as well as developing metacognitive practices for the instructors.  The resources include a blog area, an area to share ideas, and research on metacoginition.

Being aware of learning and how we learn (and teach) is an essetial part of becoming a more critical and creative thinker.


2) Kruidenier, J. R., MacArthur, C. A., & Wrigley, H. S. (2010). Adult Education Literacy Instruction: A Review of the Research. National Institute for Literacy.

I find many of my students, even the good ones, struggle with reading science- the textbook and articles.  I do a lot of modleing in myclassroom to imprive reading skills adn found this article while researching this assignment.  It holds alot of promise for me to learn more on how to increase basic literacy as well as science literacy skills in my classroom.



Student Learning Assessments: Options and Resources from Middle States

Along with metacognition adn reading skills, knowing how to assess what is being learned is my third major interest.  I like this publication because it includes lots of assessment examples and options.   

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