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Learning Theories

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Here I discuss two different topics about learning theories. See attached PDFs below for direct access to the articles themselves.

CUREs in Learning Biology

I find that biology students loved to be challenged to explore the world that they live in. I have adopted course-based undergraduate research experiences (CUREs) and have provided many opportunities for students to be successful in these efforts. Below are two of my personal favorite reports on CUREs and their use in helping students learn biology.

Corwin LA, Graham MJ, and Dolan EL. Modeling Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experiences: An Agenda for Future Research and Evaluation. CBE-Life Sciences Education. 2015. Vol. 14, 1-13.

Auchincloss LC et al. Assessment of Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experiences: A Meeting Report. CBE-Life Sciences Education. 2014. Vol. 13, 29-40.

Active Structured Courses in Learning Biology

Students learn best by personal repetitive exposure to biological topics. One of the best ways to help instill many of the topics in both my introductory and advanced courses has been to create active adaptive learning strategies to help my students better understand the material. Below are two of my personal favorite reports on active structured courses to help students learn biology.

Freeman S, Haak D, and Wenderoth MP. Increased Course Structure Improves Performance in Introductory Biology. CBE-Life Sciences Education. 2011. Vol. 10, 175-186.

Freeman S et al. Prescribed Active Learning Increases Performance in Introductory Biology. CBE-Life Sciences Education. 2007. Vol. 6, 132-139
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