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Course Alignment Activity

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Post your alignment grid to this page. Feel free to provide feedback and ask questions of each other; this Wiki is your space to play!

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 AR 2013 Abrahamsen:Richards AlignmentGridWorksheet.docx
No description
14.32 kB10:30, 28 Aug 2013labrahamsenActions
 Spana-AR 2013 AlignmentGridWorksheet.docx
No description
15.8 kB16:22, 28 Aug 2013espanaActions
 Tatum Parker AlignmentGridWorksheet.docx
Alignment Grid
15.12 kB22:16, 28 Aug 2013ttatumparkerActions
 AR 2013 AlignmentGridWorksheet_cmcalvin.docx
No description
17.59 kB10:49, 29 Aug 2013cmcalvinActions
 DVU_BIOC223_Alignment Grid.docx
No description
20.34 kB16:42, 29 Aug 2013dvardar-uluActions
 AR 2013 AlignmentGridWorksheet final.docx
No description
19.14 kB16:29, 30 Aug 2013mpavaoActions
 AR 2013 AlignmentGridWorksheet.docx
Waterman Alignment Grid
16.35 kB18:20, 30 Aug 2013mwatermanActions
 AR 2013 AlignmentGridHoltzman.docx
Holtzman grid for first 7 weeks of 14 week course.
14.28 kB17:47, 1 Sep 2013nholtzmanActions
 Rosenwald2013 AlignmentGridWorksheet_Sept2.docx
No description
20.53 kB15:09, 2 Sep 2013arosenwaldActions
 Kavouras-General Ecology Alignment Grid.docx
Kavouras-AR2013 Alignment Grid
19.61 kB22:48, 2 Sep 2013jkavourasActions
 AR 2013 AlignmentGridWorksheet-1.docx
MShaw Alignment grid
16.06 kB00:46, 3 Sep 2013mshawActions
 WhitehurstM-Alignment Grid.docx
No description
128.44 kB20:53, 3 Sep 2013mwhitehurstActions
 AR 2013 AlignmentGridWorksheet_Howard.docx
No description
21.25 kB19:01, 4 Sep 2013mhowardActions
 Bio 364 AlignmentGrid Kiely.pdf
No description
198.27 kB17:50, 30 Sep 2013jkielyActions
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The alignment has left me dissatisfied with two aspects of my course:
1. My learning objectives are mostly lower level but I cannot imagine a way to move up the taxonomy pyramid.
2. It seems like there is way too much assessment, but honestly I do not feel like the students are buried under assignments.
Posted 18:00, 30 Sep 2013
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