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Post-Institute Assignments

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This page will be used to post assignments due during your year in Residency, and any resources that the leaders feel are important. Please feel free to add any resources that you come across that you think will assist your fellow participants.

Timeline for 2013-2014 Assessment Yearlong Residency





August 30

Course Alignment Activity

Aligning objectives with assessments

September 20

Listserv check-in

Describing your biggest conceptual gain/aha moment from Gallery Walk, how you plan to implement gain

October 18

Active Learning Tutorial

Identifying active-learning models and resources for use in online and face-to-face classrooms

November 18

Tutorial for JMBE Curriculum articles

Learning to prepare an article for JMBE’s Curriculum section

December 1

Consider submitting your project to JMBE!



January 17

Topical webinar & Wiki post

Learning to prepare an abstract for ASMCUE

February 3

ASMCUE abstract deadline


February 10

ASMCUE microbrew deadline


February 17

ASMCUE travel grant



ASMCUE registration


April 1

Pre-Capstone Assignment

Project changes reported to the group

May 15

Required Capstone, MA

Complete year-in-residency

May 15-18

ASMCUE annual meeting, MA


July 1

Consider submitting your project to JMBE!



2013-2014 Residency Assignments

Assignment #1 - Due August 30:

Follow the instructions to complete the Course Alignment Activity. Post your finished product on the "Course Alighment Activity" page that has been created for you in the left-hand side-bar navigation.

 NEW: Compiled PDF of Scholar responses to Assignment #1

 NEW: Feedback Chart for Scholar responses to Assignment #1


Assignment #2 - Due September 20:

During your time at the Institute, we had you complete a “Gallery Walk” where you shared your next steps and solicited feedback from your peers. Now that you have had time to reflect and perhaps implement some of your plans, we would like you to share. Please post to the listserv a brief update that includes your biggest “aha” moment/conceptual gain during the gallery walk, what you’ve been able to implement so far, and where you are planning to go from here. If you have any questions, please include those as well. All posts are due by Friday, September 20th.

 NEW: Compiled PDF of Scholar responses to Assignment #2


Assignment #3 - Due October 18:

Based on your previous responses, your third assignment will be to watch a tutorial led by Kai (Billy) Hung on “Student-Centered, Active and Engaged Learning” and then share the active learning techniques you currently use, or plan to use, in your course. This tutorial is designed to address: 

  • A plan for identifying suitable models for student-centered, active learning in online and face-to-face classes
  • A plan for identifying suitable models for student-centered, active learning in small and large classrooms
  • Resources for case studies, problem- and team-based learning, and independent projects
  • Resources for classroom assessment techniques

1. Watch the webinar: Student-Centered, Active and Engaged Learning by Kai (Billy) Hung, Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, IL (45 minutes).

2. Read through the FAQ's which address questions on student motivation, diversity, active vs. traditional learning, assessing active learning, and resources:

3. Share the active learning techniques you use, or those you plan to use, by filling out the Google form here. If you have questions about implementation, etc., please share those as well.

 NEW: Compiled PDF of Scholar responses to Assignment #3


Assignment #4 - Due November 18:

Your fourth assignment is to watch the tutorial “An insider’s guide to publishing Journal of Microbiology & Biology Education (JMBE) curriculum articles,” hosted by Jean A. Cardinale, Alfred University and Curriculum Editor, JMBE and then respond to the prompts below. This tutorial is designed to:

  • Give an overview of the JMBE and the Curriculum section
  • Show examples of Curriculum submissions
  • Provide tips for success


1. Watch the tutorial: “An insider’s guide to publishing Journal of Microbiology & Biology Education (JMBE) curriculum articles” (approx. 47 minutes of presentation and 8 minutes of Q&A).

2. Describe an activity you could submit to JMBE's Curriculum section and draft 3-5 learning objectives related to that activity. Enter your responses in the Google form here.

If you would like to review the slides from the presentation, click here or download the PPT attached below.

NEW: Compiled PDF of Scholar responses to Assignment #4

 NEW: Feedback Chart for Scholar responses to Assignment #4


Assignment #5 - Due January 24:

Your fifth homework assignment is to watch two webinars on how to submit abstracts for ASMCUE ( poster presentations and microbrew sessions. These tutorials will be especially informative if you are planning to attend and/or present at the 2013 ASM Conference for Undergraduate Educators, which begins after your Capstone event. 

ASMCUE Microbrew Submission Webinar, Hosted by: Jennifer Herzog, 2013 Microbrew Review Chair
Learn more about Microbrews:

ASMCUE Poster Abstract Submission Webinar, Hosted by: Min-Ken Liao, 2012 Abstract Review Chair
Learn more about Abstracts:

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