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  • Identify and describe one of your courses that will serve as your “project course” for the work you do at the Institute. 

I plan to use Genetics (BIOL300) as my project course. Since this is a majors course, I am trying to increase the amount of inquiry-based learning. The students have to develop their own lecutre, complete with study guides and exam questions, and present the mterial to the class. I am also planning on incorporating a problem based learning compoent at the end of the semester, which will employ their critical thinking and have them utilize the basic genetics concepts and techniques they learned in the course.

  • What constraints influence how you teach this course?  (e.g., large class size, laboratory format, non-majors) 

I am teaching a section of this course to 45+ undergraduates, juniors and seniors mostly who are majors concentrating  in the pre-health professions. This is the first course in the major. 

  • What do you hope the students will learn in your course?

By the end of the course I hope that the students understand the basic tenants of genetics, and have an understanding of the techniques and skills employed by geneticists.  I also hope that the students ae capable of applying the skills they learn to future courses that they take, at our institution and beyond.

  • How do you determine whether students have achieved the learning you describe in question #3?

- performance on non-graded homework assignments and exam performance

- lab assignments and reports

- Students must present informataion at the end of the semester on a special topic.  This means the students have to develop their lesson plan, study guide, exam questions, powerpoint, supplemental information, and present the information to the entire class.

  • Provide a list of 3–4 specific assessment strategies you are most interested in exploring during the Assessment Institute?

Better way to organize and assess lab reports

Some way to assess that they are getting the concepts along with the techniques and integrating the two.

Way to assess that students are able to apply concepts to new scenarios, ie are really learning the material.

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