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Rosenwald, Anne

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Contact Information:  

Anne G. Rosenwald, Ph.D.

Department of Biology

Georgetown University

306 Regents Hall

37th and O Sts NW

Washington, DC  20057

phone (202) 687 5997


I wear a couple of different hats here at Georgetown.  

First, I have a research lab.  At the moment I have two graduate students.  Here are a couple of our recent papers - the co-authors on these papers are mostly undergraduates (pdfs are at the bottom):  

(1) Manlandro et al (2012) Mon2 is a negative regulator of the monomeric G protein, Arl1 FEMSYR 12, 637

(2) Fell et al (2011) Identification of yeast genes involved in k homeostasis: loss of membrane traffic genes affects k uptake G3 1, 43 

Our lab website is here - in the process of getting a redo but not completely ready yet.


Second - I am one of the co-directors of our major in Biology of Global Health and have recently developed a course for non-majors with a colleague at Georgetown University Medical Center, Ranit Mishori, on Health Disparities.


Third - I am involved in bioinformatics education.  Our current project in this area centers around training faculty to use the data from the Human Microbiome Project. My collaborators are Gaurav Arora (post-doctoral fellow), Janet Russell (Georgetown Centern for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship), Jenna Canfield (Simmons College) and Ramana Madupu (J. Craig Venter Institute).  Check out our web site!  We're always looking for new members of the community!


Fourth - I teach a variety of courses in the Biology major.  My training is in Cell Biology and Biochemistry.  This year I will be teaching biochemistry again after a hiatus of a few years - this is going to be my course of interest for the residency.  

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