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Abrahamsen, Lee

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Bates College


Outline - we will overlay course objectives onto this


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Protein Structure/Function


What do we want them to know?


1) That proteins are made of amino acids strung together in a linear sequence.

2) What an amino acid is

3) That amino acids can be categorized (acidic, basic, uncharged polar, non-polar)

4) What a peptide bond is

5) What primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary stuctures are

6) Other molecules in proteins (zinc, iron, chloride)

7) Protein/Protein interactions: quaternary structure

8) Protein domains

9) Protein families (evolution, related functions, different structures)

10)How protein function is regulated

            multiple binding sites


            nucleotide binding –hydrolysis

            proteolytic cleavage






Warm up questions:


Concepts 1-5






Lecture info


Bonds that create secondary/tertiary structure

Alpha helices, beta sheets, structure/function based on chemistry


In class Activity


Pipecleaner Activity – different color pipecleaners represent different folding patterns, put them together to make a whole protein, compare proteins between groups.  Product is the protein. 




Clicker questions to assess whether they are beginning to apply the basic knowledge: 


What could happen to the function of this protein if you changed the amino acids in X region of this protein?


What would happen if you heated up this protein and broke all the hydrogen bonds?


Lecture info:




Quaternary Structure

Other molecules

Homodimers, heterodimers




Clicker questions:


Case studies – sickle cell, oxygen binding, how does the structure of the protein lead to the disease or something


Lecture info:




Lecture info:



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