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2013 Assessment Cohort

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Faculty Facilitators: 

Kerry Cresawn, James Madison University
Carol Hurney, James Madison University
Patrice Ludwig, James Madison University
Kristina Obom, Johns Hopkins University


Amy Chang, Kelly Gull, and Kari Sherwood


Program Website and Contact Information:


Assessment Scholars:

Abrahamsen.jpg Lee H. Abrahamsen, Bates College Ades.jpg Sarah Ades, Penn State University
Hlousek-Radojcic.jpg Alenka Hlousek-Radojcic, University of Delaware Holtzman.jpg Nathalia Holtzman, Queens College; City University of New York
Howard.jpg Megan W. Howard, University of Alaska - Anchorage Kavouras.jpg Jerry H. Kavouras, Lewis University
Kiely.jpg Joan Kiely, Stony Brook University McAlvin.jpg Crystal B. McAlvin, University of Tennessee
Molloy.jpg Sally D. Molloy, University of Maine
Pavao.jpg Maura C. Pavao, Worcester State University
Qanungo.jpg Kaustubha R. Qanungo, Trident Technical College Richards.jpg Stephanie A. Richards, Bates College
Rosenwald.jpg Anne G. Rosenwald, Georgetown University Shaw.jpg Mary E. Shaw, New Mexico Highlands University
Spana.jpg Eric P. Spana, Duke University
Tatum Parker.jpg Tatiana C. Tatum Parker, Saint Xavier University
Vardar-Ulu.jpg Didem Vardar-Ulu, Wellesley College Waterman.jpg Matthew J.F. Waterman, Eastern Nazarene College
Whitehurst.jpg Maureen M. Whitehurst, Trident Technical College  
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