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Day 3 Reflections

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Feel free to post your reflections here for Friday, June 29th.  What was the clearest point?  Muddiest point?

Ann's comments

lots of opportunities in online environment, face to face needed for connection, spurring unique discussion,  variety of ways to engage students online, oral presentations!
Use of surveys - need to have a clear question that is not too broad. Asking students to commit to a agree disagree category allows more straightforward analysis. May be difficult to assess a set of courses against common broad outcome.
Cooperative learning widely valued in all size classes. Discussion of how this may or may not represent authenitc work in research

Ella's comments:

I am very intrigued by Patrice's use of individual exam immediately followed by taking the same (multiple choice) exam as a group. It strikes me as a great way to show the value of the group work in solving complex problems and to foster cooperative spirit. I am looking forward to trying this approach in my class, after I develop some multiple choice questions that use students-generated distractors!

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