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Day 2 Reflections

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Feel free to post your reflections here for Thursday, June 28.  What was the clearest point?  Muddiest point?


Maureen's reflection

Having an overview of formative and summative assessment was very useful, especially in terms of using the learning objectives to align them with learning activities.

For me, the muddiest points were the functional anatomy of assessment questions and how to make sure your learning activity and your assessment are aligned.


Bob's reflection:

Highlights: Learning more about formative assessment tools and working on developing some for my course unit in areas that students tend to struggle.  Spending time aligning summative assessments with learning objectives.

Muddiest: Still a little unsure of how to build a good rubric.


Pete's reflections:

Muddiest point: Not sure exactly how detailed our presentations should be, i.e. do we need a polished learning activity or just an idea?

Clearest point: Rubrics yield more consistent grading and saves time. I now have a better understanding of how to use formative assessment.

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**Under Construction**
Wow! So much...must digest(information and food). Brain is processing, nothing is really clear right now. This is truly scholarly work on teaching and learning.
Posted 16:42, 28 Jun 2012
Ann's comments
Clear: Rubrics are very useful in clarifying grading expectations and ensuring consistency of grading among a variety of graders. Demo on grading was very helpful in driving home this point
how to demonstrate learning gain from an activity,
Posted 23:06, 29 Jun 2012
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