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Day 1 Reflections

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Feel free to post your reflections here for Wednesday, June 27th.  What was the clearest point?  Muddiest point?

ann's comments

loved the infor on nesting and goals, objectives and outcomes

having trouble understanding the relationship between an outcome and assement of an outcome.

for exampl if the outcome is that students can explain how bacteria develop antibiotic resistance, then how does the activity that they do to get to this point relate to this outcome? for example if I use a context that relates to what is the to a specific antibiotic - even though i dont really care if they know the details of the specific antibiotic - but I care that they get the bigger picture.


Bob's reflection's

Identified the switch that turned me into a deep learner, which was seeing the significance of the field I was working in. Hearing accounts from other cohorts illustrated that for most, the switch was an internal motivation and personal change brought on by significant experiences.


Realized that I don't know what my department learning expectations are for my courses. Will follow up on this.


Writing significant learning goals is not easy nor trivial. I had to really think hard about how my measurable learning objectives relate to my big dream learning goals and vice/versa. Writing the learning objectives in this way helped me to clearly define why each objective was important to me and why it should be important to and interesting for the students. While writing them, I was also trying to consider how I could measure them, but that will hopefully become clearer tomorrow.


Need to check out these resources: How Learning Works and Vision and Change


Want to explore more of the assessment trends and technologies. Looking forward to day 2


Pete's reflections:

Muddiest point: How detailed and/or dense a learning objective should be. Is it better to have many learning objectives that are concise (lower Bloom's level) that lead into a higher Bloom's level objective or is it better to have an objective that is comprehensive (higher Bloom's level) that incorporates lower Bloom's level objectives. For example:

My old objectives:

1.         Explain Lamarck’s hypothesis of evolution. How does an acquired characteristic differ from an inherited characteristic?

2.         Thoroughly explain Descent with Modification. Include the importance of heritable traits, ‘overreproduction’, adaptations, and environment.

My new objective:

Compare and contrast Lamarck’s hypothesis of inheritance of acquired characteristics and Darwin’s theory of descent with modification

Clearest point: IF-ATs are cool.

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Cuc Kim: The muddiest point for was to define learning objectives - structuring the course to be balanced between teacher centered (disseminate knowledge) and student generated (exploratory learning). Do I want students to learn the information or do I want students to learn how to self-direct their learning? The clearest point was when we worked on the learning objectives for our specific course.
Posted 13:18, 28 Jun 2012
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