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Pre-Institute Assignments

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1. Introduce yourself to the Assessment listserv

Email address:
Subject heading: “Your Name - Introduction.” 

Please answer these questions:

1) Describe your teaching responsibilities and the type of student you teach.

2) Describe what you would like to take home as a result of attending the Assessment Institute.

3) Tell us about your interests outside of the classroom and a book that you have read recently.

2. Set up your Wiki page: Due May 4th - you can follow this step-by-step guide to your Wiki HW Assignment

Activity 1 - Login 

1.    In the top-left corner, you should see an orange “login” button.  Click this button to login.

2.    Your user name and password has already been set as your first initial and last name
           (e.g., ksherwood).

Activity 2 - Homepage: Editing a page 

1.    Make sure you are logged in.  You should see your username in the upper left corner if you are correctly logged in.  The orange logout button should also be visible.

2.    For this assignment, you must edit the page already created for you under “2012 Scholar Pages.”  Note: You may see another page called “My Page” at the top of your wiki screen.  This “My Page” is NOT visible to anyone but you and SHOULD NOT be used for these assignments. 

3.    In the blue header at the top of the page, select “Edit page.”

4.    Add to the page your current CONTACT INFORMATION. Feel free to add links to your professional and/or personal website, a picture of yourself, and any other items that may interest the group (Feel free to play!).

Activity 3 - Background: Adding a subpage 

1.    Again, make certain you are logged in.

2.    For this assignment, you have to open your personal page under “2012 Assessment Scholars.”

3.    In the blue header at the top of the page select “Add page.”

4.    Once in the editing mode, change the title of the page to read “Background.”  This is the title that will appear in the hierarchy tabs to the left.

5.    On this page please describe the following: your teaching responsibilities, your teaching challenges, and your professional development goals.


3. Reading and Reflections: Due May 14th

Please read the chapter, A Taxonomy of Significant Learning, from Dee Fink’s book, Creating Significant Learning Experiences: An Integrated Approach to Designing College Courses.

Post your answers to the questions below on the listserv:

Email address:
Subject heading: “Your Name - Reflections.”

1.  Identify and describe one of your courses that will serve as your “project course” for the work you do at the Institute. 
 2.  What constraints influence how you teach this course?  (e.g., large class size, laboratory format, non-majors) 
3.  What do you hope the students will learn in your course?
4.  How do you determine whether students have achieved the learning you describe in question #3?
5.  Provide a list of 3–4 specific assessment strategies you are most interested in exploring during the Assessment Institute?


4.  Pre-Institute Readings: Due On-site

Read the following articles and be prepared to discuss on-site:

Handelsman, J, et al. (2004). Scientific teaching. Science 304, 521–522.

Chapter 3: Course Design By Objectives from Nilson, Linda B. Teaching At Its Best: A Research-Based Resource for College Instructors. 2nd ed. Boston: Anker, 2003.

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