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Post-Institute Assignments

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This page will be used to post assignments due during your year in Residency, and any resources that the leaders feel are important. Please feel free to add any resources that you come across that you think will assist your fellow participants.


2012-2013 Residency Assignments

Assignment #1 - Due October 19

During your time at the Institute, we had you complete a “Gallery Walk” where you shared your next steps and solicited feedback from your peers. Now that you have had time to reflect and perhaps implement some of your plans, we would like you to share. Please post to the listserv a brief update that includes your biggest “aha” moment/conceptual gain during the gallery walk, what you’ve been able to implement so far, and where you are planning to go from here. If you have any questions, please include those as well. All posts are due by Friday, October 19th.


Assignment #2 - November 12 & 13

We are inviting you to attend a one-hour webinar tutorial on how to submit a successful Curriculum article. The webinar will be led by Jean Cardinale, Alfred University and Curriculum Editor of JMBE. She will review examples of Curriculum submissions, provide tips for success, and run a Q&A session. We are offering two dates: Monday, November 12th @ 12:30pm EST and Tuesday, November 13th @ 1:30pm EST. The webinar will be hosted through Adobe Connect and will require an internet connection, a web browser, Adobe Flash Player Version 10.1 or greater, and working computer speakers. More information will be available via the listserv closer to the webinar date.


Assignment #3 - Due December 7

Now that you have attended the webinar “An insider’s guide to publishing Journal of Microbiology & Biology Education (JMBE) curriculum articles” hosted by Jean A. Cardinale, Alfred University and Curriculum Editor, JMBE, please complete Part I and II of the follow-up webinar assignment. 

 Part I – Webinar survey

We need your feedback on the format of this training as well as how informative you found the content to be. Please use the following SurveyMonkey link to take a brief 6 question survey that will help us improve the experience for future attendees:

Part II – Wiki response

Create a new Wiki page under your name titled “Webinar Response.” On that page:

  • identify an activity you could submit to JMBE’s Curriculum section;
  • write a short paragraph describing your activity (limit 300 words); and
  • draft 3-5 learning objectives for this activity, and identify possible tools that you could use to provide evidence of student learning across these objectives.


For those of you who did not attend the webinar on Monday or Tuesday, please watch the recorded version: and then complete the two-part assignment above.

For those of you who wanted the slides from the presentation, click here or download the PPT attached below.


Assignment #4 - January 2013:

We have planned two one-hour webinar tutorials on Abstract and Microbrew submissions for January 2013, and we would like to invite you to attend! These tutorials will be especially informative if you are planning to attend and/or present at the 2013 ASM Conference for Undergraduate Educators, which begins after your Capstone event. 

The webinars are hosted through Adobe Connect and require an internet connection, a web browser, Adobe Flash Player Version 10.1 or greater, and working computer speakers. To access the recordings, click the links below. For those of you who would like the slides from the presentation, download the appropriate PPT attachment below.

ASMCUE Microbrew Submission Webinar, Hosted by: Jennifer Herzog, 2013 Microbrew Review Chair
Learn more about Microbrews:

ASMCUE Poster Abstract Submission Webinar, Hosted by: Min-Ken Liao, 2012 Abstract Review Chair
Learn more about Abstracts:

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