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Course number and name: BIOL2450 Applied Microbiology

(Current) Course Description and Objectives: In this course you will study the role of microorganisms in health and disease with emphasis on modes of action and mechanisms of spread of infectious microorganisms. Areas of study include microbial structure, physiology, genetics, growth characteristics and host strategies to protect against and provide recovery from microbial disease. Laboratory experiences include sterile techniques and major procedures used to grow, observe, characterize and identify microorganisms.

BIG Dream Learning Goals: Learn the foundational information to be able to 1) identify main themes, apply in correct context and analyze information and 2) build and deconstruct concepts. Question, search for proven data, and make educated decisions related to work and personal life.

Measureable Learning Objectives: Using specific unit on role of microorganisms in health and disease

Students should be able to:

1.       Define terminology used to describe microbe-host interactions. (Symbiosis)

2.       Explain how microbes are essential in health.

3.        Identify microbial virulence factors that lead to disease (Pathogenicity)

4.       Extrapolate key information from case studies

5.       Conduct research and information gathering to analyze case studies

6.        Assemble information in case studies and from research to determine the etiological agent.

7.       Construct a paper with correct citations and defend choice of microbe.

8.       Peer review one paper with comments using g  ading rubric.

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