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Teaching Responsibilities:

At St. Kates, I am responsible for teaching Human Anatomy and Physiology I & II (Lecture and Labs), Microbiology (Lecture and Lab), and Human Disease (In-class and Online). All of my courses are developed for Health Science Professionals.

Teaching Challenges:

The major challenge to teaching to my student population is the various science backgrounds, learning styles, and academic preparedness.  It is a struggle to find a balance where I can reach the at-risk students without boring the students that have a stronger background in science.  

In addition, my students are all non-majors, therefore are taking these courses as a requirement.  They come in with the mindset of minimalism, only want to know what they absolutely need to know to fullfill the course requirement. It is challenging to get them to be open-minded and see how cool science really is.

Personal Deveopment Goals:

I have been a believer of active teaching/ learning since I started teaching 12 years ago. During my graduate program, I had the privilage to work with TRIO/UB services, where I worked with diverse students and learned that not everyone learns the same way.  So to reach all of my students I have to actively engage them using multiple methods.  I want to continue developing my skills as an educator and learn best practices for teaching sciences.

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