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Demonstrate a broad understanding of scientific principles and the ways scientists

in a particular discipline conduct research.


Demonstrate a meaningful understanding of scientific concepts particular to microbiology including those related to microbial growth, metabolism, genetics, ecology and interactions with host as determined by application of principles to problem solving.


·         Distinguish between characteristics of phenotype and genotype


Look at complex questions and identify the science and how it impacts and is

impacted by political, social, economic, or ethical dimensions.

Look at complex questions and identify how microbiology might address the question and consider how the work or decisions of the microbiologist might be impacted by political, social, economic or ethical dimensions

·         Identify the role that genetic engineering may play in solving a significant global challenge



Articulate how this course has invited them to think in new ways about their lives, their place in the University and other communities, and/or issues central to their major disciplines or other fields of interest.

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