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Class Assessment Techniques are formative assessments to assess the progress of the students throghout the semesters. There are various ideas to use on CATS that are available and feasible: One minute question; cliquers using color coded answers if no instrument available, writing the final exam in the beginning and used as a pre-test, use of ceoncept maps (one or two in the semester).


Knowledge surveys:

It is a way to assess the confidence level of the student knowledge on different topics, or skills. It is driven by learning outcomes and should be provided at the beginning and the end of the semester. You can see how well your students feel confident with their knowledge of the subject matter while leaving the class, or before an exam. It can include all Learning goals for the whole semesters (all units) and comprise many questions (some 300). The students will have to rank each of the topic A, B, or C. It can be administered wither in class or online.

Concept maps:

It can be used as a good tool for assessing student's ability to connect differentopics that were covered in the class during a certain time. The format can be giving a word bank and blanks where they can input those words based on their understanding of the existing connections. You can also, at advance level class or at end of the semester give them a topic and they find themselves the terms and the type oc connective arrows in between them.

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