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My reflections today by Mialy Rabe

·         Teachers has to be everything for everyone in the classroom with a cohort of students with different learning styles, prior knowledge, experience learning failures and successes, expectations, motivation etc.

·         How to make students “fall in love” or “touched” or develop a personal meaning to learning and the information provided by the teacher given the fact that teachers are not ENTERTAINERS.

·         It is important to prepare many levels of informative assessment for each of learning objectives in order to assess the progress of the learners. It should be concluded with a summative assessment to finally allow the teacher to assess the process of learning and compare it to the pre-set specific objectives.

·         It is important to REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT in different context the zest or core of teaching. I have seen that in all contributors today. The pre-assessment literature emphasized every aspects of all the teaching Wednesday: what is learning goals, how do students learn, what assessment is. It made it easier to capture the MENTAL MODEL due to that powerful teaching.


Big Dream leaerning Goals:

A year (or more) after this course is over, I want and hope students in my General Zoology class will


1. Love, protect and develop a positive ethical value towards all animals and birds.

2) To appreciate the conservation of birds


3) To gain a fundamental scientific knowledge of birds (evolution, anatomy and physiology, morphology, reproduction, behavior, habitats and ecological nich)

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