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Teaching Responsibilities: 

BIO1305 - Modern Concepts of Bioscience with 100-105 students per semester

BIO1402 - Introductory Microbiology with 60-120 students per semester

Advise 115-120 Biology Juniors per semester.

Research with 5-6 undergraduates per semester on two different projects.                                                                  

First, MRSA.  Over the past 5 years, we have studied the prevalence of MRSA nasal carriage in undergraduates, veterinarians/veterinary staff, university instructors and staff. 

In the fall we will be studying the prevalence of MRSA in cats, dogs and horses along with their respective handlers/owners.

Second, students have worked with water samples from Waco Creek and indigenous turtles to determine the common microbial flora of each.  Originally, the idea was to determine the prevalence of Salmonella carriage in local turtles - that turned out to be zero.  However, the plethora of Aeromonas species has been surprising. (That's why we call it research, right?)


Teaching Challenges:

"Engaging" students in discussion/learning in a classroom with 144 stadium seats and acoustics like a cave.


Professional Development Goals:

1. Instill a sense of curiosity and wonder in my students. Encourage them to be life long learners, not just "test takers".  Unfortunately, our high schools focus on the end of year "Test".  The curriculum aligns to the test.  The students are allowed "do- overs".  The focus is on the test, not learning.  When students come to the university, they do not know how to think independently, evaluate the content of their assigned readings, or use critical thinking skills to solve a problem.

2. Learn the principles of Backward design to align class assignments, materials, content, assessments and expectations. Convey the concept of backward design to the students and other instructors.  I have been on a publisher's assessment committee for a new text book this spring.  This has been my first introduction to Backward design.  At a recent group meeting it became obvious that the majority of people giving input were completely missing the point and wanted only a "test bank" of questions.

3. Evaluate/quantify the efficacy of changes made to develop a class focused on active learning and critical thinking skills.

4.  Edit our lab manual to reflect the changes incorporated in lecture.

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