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I have been working on several individual as well as departmental goals since leaving the institute last summer.  On a personal level, the things that have worked well include: 1) finalizing learning activities, summative and formative assessments for a particular learning objective in my Microbiology for Majors class (attached file) and, 2) revising the pre/post test for this class.  Challenges include: developing a knowledge survey for our Microbiology Course that aligns with our pre/post test and, 2) developing case studies.  The challenges have been mainly due to my departmental assessment responsibilities.  At the departmental level, the things that have worked well include: 1) switching our ACAT testing from paper based to on-line based, 2) summarizing the departmental student learning objectives (SLOs), 3) constructing a curriculum map based on our SLO’s and , 4) working with other core course coordinators to develop/improve assessment tools.  Challenges include: 1) gaining full compliance from the faculty to submit their assessment data, 2) achieving best effort on the ACAT test from our graduating seniors.  Looking forward, one of my goals is to convert all of our departmental assessment activities to an electronic format and develop a capstone based on this system.



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