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Teaching responsibilities:

The Department of Biology at the University of Central Oklahoma has approximately 1,000 Biology majors.  We have 13 full time tenure track faculty, 4 full-time non-tenure track faculty and numerous adjunct instructors.  I teach from 12-15 hrs/semester which includes Microbiology for majors and Pathogenic Microbiology and Immunology on a regular basis.  I also occassionally teach General Biology for Non-majors and Introductory Microbiology for Non-majors as needed.  Class sizes range from 28 to 40 students.


Teaching challenges:

The biggest challenge I face as an educator is having enough time to continue to improve my teaching methods.  Along with teaching 12-15 hrs/semester there is an ever increasing expectation of grant writing, maintaining an active research program, and publishing, not to mention the numerous committee asignments.  Don't get me wrong, I love doing research and know how important it is to publish our work.  I also understand how important research experiences are for the learning process of students, but it is difficult to teach a full load and try to conduct research in the same way people do at major research universities.  Another challenge that I face is trying to balance the level of subject matter detail with big picture.  I often feel that I am trying to cover to much material in each semester for the students to appropriately grasp all of the major concepts.  However, I also feel that if I don't cover the material they will be missing out on critical aspects of the field.  I guess what I am saying, is that I wish my classes were spread out over two semesters. 


Professional development goals:

As our new departmental assessment coordinator, my immediate development goal is to become more knowledgeable about assessment and learn how develope and implement appropriate assessment measures.  I am also ever striving to become a better teacher, coach, and mentor to my students.  I feel that I do a pretty good job of connecting with my students, but I know that I can do more.  I want them to understand that I am doing this because I am truely vested in their success and that it is not just about getting a grade, but about the process and the life skills they are developing when faced with challenges and high academic standards.  The critical thinking and problem solving skills that we are trying to develop in our students, that many of them srongly dislike now, will serve them the best no matter what walk of life they choose.  A third developmental goal that I have right now is to help establish a Center for Interdisciplinary Biomedical Education and Research Center on campus to promote greater collaboration among faculty and among faculty and students. 




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